A unique approach to patient assistance.

Accessia Health is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to those living with rare or chronic medical conditions. With 70+ disease programs and over $1 billion in assistance distributed, we provide case management, education, and financial support for health insurance premiums, medication copayments, travel, and other essential medical expenses.

Going beyond copays, we’re focused on addressing unmet needs in healthcare, including paying for important expenses such as diagnostic tests, durable medical equipment, dental services, and more. Our holistic, patient-first approach offers patients comprehensive support throughout their healthcare journey.

Through community-based initiatives, we are expanding the range of health and related needs that can be addressed on a local level, ensuring access to resources that help manage chronic conditions.

Healthcare is complex and confusing and Accessia Health is here to provide help and hope when you need us most.



Disease Funds

Over 70 established disease funds provide financial assistance with copays, health insurance premiums, travel costs, and other medical expenses – at no cost to the patient.

Who We Are

Providing assistance for over 30 years, Accessia Health is dedicated to ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to the healthcare they deserve. Our Board of Directors, Leadership, and Team Members are unwavering in their commitment to offering support and fostering hope for those in need.


Healthy People. Healthy Communities.

Accessia Health is expanding beyond the traditional patient assistance model. This means an array of services are available to employers, community leaders, providers, and partners; all with the goal to increase health literacy and improve outcomes.

Healthy People. Healthy Communities. is a nationwide initiative that aligns with HHS’s Healthy People initiatives and tackles health disparities by meeting people where they are, community by community. Healthy People. Heathy Communities. is a fully-customizable program based on the specific needs of each partner or location.


Improving Healthcare Access


Over $1 billion has been distributed to patients throughout the country, helping them navigate through the complexities of the healthcare system.