Your Assistance. Your Choice.

At Accessia Health, we’ve been hard at work finding new ways for our patients to have greater flexibility with their assistance. We’re excited to announce program improvements that will allow for financial assistance to be used in the most effective way possible. This new way of supporting our patients is called Your Assistance. Your Choice.

Accessia Health provides 4 types of financial assistance – travel, medical expenses, insurance premiums, and medication copays. And up until now, our patients have been provided separate, defined dollar amounts for each of those assistance categories.

As of May 1, 2023, our patients will now receive just one total amount* which can be used for all available types of assistance within a program.  *travel expense limited to $500

Any funding that you used from January through April will count towards the amount you have available for the rest of 2023.

Keep in Mind

  • For those new to assistance with your FDA-approved and indicated medications, you can expect a letter in the mail after May 1st with your Pharmacy Benefits card and information to provide to your pharmacy.
  • An Accessia Health Payment Assistance Card (VISA) will also be mailed out around May 1, 2023 to any patients that don’t have one yet.
  • Already have an Accessia Health Payment Assistance Card (VISA)? Great! You are all set. Keep using your card just as you have been!


  • The amount listed in your letter will be the total amount that can be used for the 2023 year. If you have used any funding from January through April, it will be deducted from the remaining funds available for the rest of the year.

  • Travel assistance still has a restricted assistance amount. You may only use up to $500 of available funding towards travel.

    If you do not need travel assistance, you may use the available amount for other eligible services.

  • Yes! If you currently have an active Accessia Health Payment Assistance Card (VISA), please continue to use this card for assistance. If you do not have a card, a new card will be mailed to you on May 1, 2023.

  • To activate the assistance card, please log in to your Patient Portal and click on the “Activate” button under the “Assistance” tab. You can also call us and use our automated system to activate your card at any time.

  • Accessia Health has a 4-month timely filing policy where all eligible claims need to be submitted within 4 months of the date of service or the date the insurance paid to be eligible for review. If you have any claims you wish to submit where the date of service is after your begin date and within the last 4 months, you are welcome to submit them to us for review.

  • Yes! You now have access to use the remaining annual assistance amount towards your copay, premium assistance, or any other eligible services.