Patient Assistance

  • Seeking Assistance
    • We will send a determination of patient eligibility via postal mail or patient portal account once documentation has been reviewed.

    • You may check the status of your application(s) through the patient portal or speak with a representative at 1-800-366-7741.

    • Submit documents via:

      • Log into your Patient Portal account to upload
      • Email: assistance@accessiahealth.org
      • Fax: 804-744-9388
      • Mail: PO Box 5930 Midlothian, VA 23112
    • Patients must meet financial and insurance requirements as well as have an eligible diagnosis. Documentation may be requested to confirm any of these requirements.

    • Ways to apply:

    • To be eligible for assistance, you must legally reside in the US or one its territories and receive treatment from a US provider.

  • Current Patient Assistance
    • If Accessia Health has not made a payment on your behalf in four (4) months, your assistance will close. Once your assistance closes, you will need to reapply.

    • You may view pay history and remaining assistance amount through your patient portal account. This information may also be available by speaking with a representative at (800) 366-7741.

    • Accessia Health periodically reviews each patients’ assistance to verify that eligibility criteria is still met. The review timeframe may vary by program. Notification will be sent to the patient 30 days prior to the due date.*


      *Any changes to address, household income and/or health insurance should be immediately reported to Accessia Health.

  • Payments
    • Claims must be submitted within 4 months from the date of service to be considered for payment.

    • For copayment assistance, an Accessia Health pharmacy benefit card is mailed to you upon approval. To request another copy, call us at (800) 366-7741. In addition to your Accessia Health ID number, below is the information that is on your pharmacy benefit card and needed for your pharmacy to process a claim.

      Rx BIN:610020
      Click here to view a list of Group Codes by Program.

      For all other assistance, a VISA assistance card will be provided for you to pay eligible vendors and/or providers directly. If you are unable to use your payment card, we may be able to reimburse you or pay the vendor directly via check.

  • Provider or Pharmacy
    • Accessia Health has a 4-month timely filing limit for eligible claims or payments. Claims must be received within 4 months of the eligible date of service to be considered for payment.

    • Accessia Health provides copay assistance for eligible patients if the treatment prescribed by their physician is FDA approved and indicated for the program diagnosis.

    • Pharmacy claims may be submitted electronically for approved patients. Pharmacies must be contracted with our PBM vendor to submit electronic claims for pharmacy billing of eligible medication copays. Some helpful billing information is below.
      Rx BIN: 610020
      Click here to view a list of Group Codes by Program

    • If the pharmacy or provider has a date of service(s) that they wish to submit to Accessia Health, they may obtain the ID number from the patient.

    • Accessia Health may only provide very limited information to the pharmacy or provider. Correspondence is sent to the patient once an eligibility determination has been made.

    • Correspondence is sent to the patient once an eligibility determination has been made. The patient may contact Accessia Health to speak with a representative.

      • Patient’s first and last name
      • Patient’s date of birth
      • Demographic information
      • Health Insurance details
      • Estimated household income
      • Number of household dependents
    • Applications may be submitted here

      • Upload documents here
      • Fax: 804-744-9388
      • Mailing Address: PO Box 5930 Midlothian VA 23112