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On behalf of our staff and board, THANK YOU for your contribution to Accessia Health.
Your donation allows us to provide vital services, assistance, and resources to individuals and families facing health challenges.

Generosity like yours is a beacon of hope for those who rely on our services and truly makes a difference.

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Educational Series

Amplify Your Voice, Control Your Care

Navigating the healthcare system can be complicated and we can help with that. Join us as we provide education and tools to amplify your voice and take control of your health care. With the right information, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions for the care you and your loved ones deserve. Check out upcoming webinars in the series below, and stay tuned for more opportunities to listen and learn.

Patient Programs

Accessia Health offers 70+ disease programs for eligible individuals.
Learn more about open programs or get added to a waitlist for assistance.

News & Blogs

Want to know more about a chronic disease? What about read a patients story? We have news, blogs, and articles ready for you.