Asthma FundRaiser

One Breath

Close your eyes.

Breathe deep.

Now imagine, how difficult just one breath can be for someone living with asthma.

10 people die EVERY DAY from asthma and nearly 100% of these deaths are avoidable.

For so many, the costs to pay for medications, doctor visits, inhalers, etc., can be overwhelming. Accessia Health is uniquely positioned to pay for healthcare and we’re raising money for our Asthma Fund.

Introducing One Breath, a national FUNDraiser powered by Accessia Health and supporting individuals living with asthma who are unable to afford their healthcare costs.

Every dollar raised goes to the Accessia Health Asthma Fund and helps someone who can’t afford their asthma & allergy treatments get the care they need. Donate today and give the gift of breath.


Here for good.




  • 25M Americans live with asthma
  • Black adults have the highest rate of asthma attacks in the US
  • 43% of people can’t afford their asthma treatment


Often, access and affordability to care is the single reason many don’t seek treatment for their asthma.

Introducing the One Breath campaign, the first-of-its-kind fundraiser that will PAY for the healthcare people need. Accessia Health is one of only a handful of nonprofits who are uniquely positioned to financially support patients by putting money in their hands to pay for their healthcare costs.

Our financial assistance includes payments for medical and prescription copay assistance, health insurance premium subsidies, support for ancillary medical expenses, travel assistance, case management, education and more.

80% of counties in the US have an asthma treatment desert. We have partnered with MedicoCX and are committed to lowering this statistic.

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