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COVID-19 Response Counseling Opportunity!

  • What is the opportunity?

    It’s no surprise the pandemic has created challenges for our mental health and wellbeing. Our COVID-19 Response Counseling Program received a grant to provide mental health counseling in specific states in the US. Through this grant, we have an opportunity to help you and your immediate family members pay for mental health counseling and therapy to cope with the impact of the pandemic. There are limited spaces available for this program. We suggest you apply as soon as you can as we will accept patients on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Who is eligible?

    You must reside in an eligible state and currently receive PSI assistance to apply. If approved, assistance may be used for yourself or an immediate family member. Immediate family members include:

    • legal guardian(s) of minor patients
    • spouse/dependent(s) of patient
    • See below for which states are eligible.
  • How do I apply?

    Simply apply through your patient portal account or over the phone.

    If approved, assistance will cover up to $200 in mental health counseling and therapy expenses for you and your family.

    We are now accepting applications!

    Those approved for assistance have until July 31, 2022 to use their funds.*


    We have very limited spaces available for the COVID-19 Response Counseling Program, and spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If space is no longer available, we encourage you to talk to a PSI representative about whether your current medical expenses assistance could cover counseling related to a program diagnosis.

  • Eligible States Include:

    District of Columbia
    North Carolina
    New York
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    West Virginia

    *Assistance is based on continued eligibility within another Accessia Health program.

Here are the changes effective as of January 1, 2022.

  • We are excited to announce that we are expanding our program offering to include additional pulmonary fibrosis diagnoses. With our newly expanded Pulmonary Fibrosis – Publicly Insured program, we hope to expand our reach and help those who may need financial assistance.

    But do not worry, if you were already actively receiving assistance or on the waitlist for the Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis program, we are keeping your place in line!

    • If you are currently receiving assistance through our program, check your mail. We sent you a letter with all the details.
    • If you are on the waitlist, you do not need to do anything at this time. We will send a notification to you when space is available in the program.

    Are you currently approved for assistance and trying to fill your prescription for a 2022 date of service?
    If yes, please use the billing information below.

    Rx BIN: 610020
    Group ID: 99993042

  • We combined the assistance type Infusion and Nursing Services with Ancillary Services and renamed the assistance type to Medical Expenses. Medical Expenses assistance may be used to help with the following costs related to the program diagnosis:

    • Copayment for medical visits
    • Copayment for hospitalizations and/or emergency room visits
    • Laboratory testing
    • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
    • FDA approved and indicated medications to manage a direct symptom or side effect related to the program diagnosis
    • Nursing Services
    • Infusion of therapy costs: Please note, PSI will only help with the infusion of medications that are FDA approved and indicated for the program diagnosis

    If you are currently receiving assistance under Medical Expenses (previously named Ancillary Services), no action is needed at this time. Feel free to use your assistance card to pay for eligible services.

  • If you are currently receiving PSI assistance, the amount of assistance that you may receive has reset for the year. If there was a change in the assistance amount, this information was sent to you. Feel free to log in to your portal account to view your assistance.