Patient Services, Inc., P.S.I. Foundation Becomes Accessia Health, Accessia Health Foundation

RICHMOND, Va. (Feb. 24, 2022) – A leader in the nonprofit patient assistance space, Patient Services, Inc. (P.S.I.) and P.S.I. Foundation announces its rebrand to Accessia Health and Accessia Health Foundation. Established in 1989, Accessia Health is a national 501(c)(3) driven by the guiding principle of providing critical access to medical care for those who need it most. Today, the organization embarks on the next chapter in its storied history and expands its service delivery model, guided by an entirely new leadership team and refreshed vision.

“Accessia Health is a pioneer in patient assistance. We continue to blaze new trails for patients, led by a team of professionals who are passionate about preventative healthcare and intervention strategies,” said Gwen Cooper, President & CEO of Accessia Health. “For us, this is personal, and helping people is our mission and our passion. A better world is within reach – one where medical expenses don’t break the same people who are trying to heal. This is our calling.”

Cooper began her CEO tenure with the organization in June 2020. Since then, she has brought together highly skilled healthcare and philanthropy leaders to reimagine nonprofit patient assistance. Through its assistance programs, Accessia Health supports patients and their families living with rare and chronic medical conditions. The organization’s health safety net includes specialized legal services, insurance case management, and financial support to pay for health insurance premiums, medication copayments, medical treatments, travel, and most ancillary medical expenses.

Accessia Health is the only patient assistance program offering ACCESS, a free disability legal aid program providing nationwide legal representation for SSDI and SSI applications with a 75% success rate (compared to the national average of 34%).

“We are expanding our partnerships with patient advocacy organizations, providers, and key stakeholders within the healthcare system to better serve those in need, ultimately lending greater opportunities for funding, improving patient access, and affordability,” said Tiara Green, VP of Operations. “We are laser-focused on improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs for diverse populations, including those living in treatment deserts and underserved areas.”

Accessia Health has distributed over $1.1 billion to patients throughout the country, helping them navigate their way through the complexities of the healthcare system. With over 30 years of experience, Accessia Health is uniquely positioned to care for the whole individual while partnering with others in the healthcare industry to expand programs and services.

The organization’s rebrand will not impact any patient services, benefits, support, or donations in the process. To learn more about Accessia Health and its services, visit


About Accessia Health
Accessia Health, formerly Patient Services, Inc. (P.S.I.), is a pioneer in nonprofit patient assistance for people with rare and chronic medical conditions. Founded by patients for patients, Accessia Health is leading the charge in providing financial support and guidance for qualified individuals by offering
healthcare education, financial assistance, specialized legal services, and case management. Learn more about Accessia Health and its services at

About Accessia Health Foundation
The Accessia Health Foundation, formerly Patient Services, Inc. Foundation, is a 501c3-supported organization of Accessia Health. The foundation raises unrestricted funds to support the mission of the organization. Both organizations are governed by separate Boards of Directors. The majority of the members of the Accessia Health Foundation Board of Directors are appointed by the Accessia Health Board of Directors. Visit to learn more.

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